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We Take Pride In Looking After The Health Of Our Members

Call 0861 888 662 to Book all GP and Service Provider Appointments or Claims
0861 888 662

Nbcpss Health Insurance Plan

The NBCPSS Health Plan protects the well-being of employees within the private security sector. It is available to all active NBCPSS members who meet the stated criteria.

Health Plan Membership Card

If you haven't received a membership card, or have lost your card, you can call us on 0861 888 662 or send an email to We will fax or email you a membership certificate (WITHIN ONE WORKING DAY) so that you can see a doctor. Your permanent membership card will then be ordered and sent to your work address at a later stage.

Benefits can be accessed by calling 0861 888 662 or sending a “Please Call Me” to
060 769 8770. You can also send a WhatsApp message to 083 231 6771.

This includes Telemedicine, GP visits, OTC & Chronic medication, Dentistry, Optometry, Emergency services and Hospitalisation.

Contact Information

Call Centre Number 0861 888 662
Email Address
Please Call Me Number 060 769 8770
Whatsapp 083 231 6771

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    This is not a Medical Scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a Medical Scheme.
    This policy is not a substitute for a Medical Scheme Membership.
    Subject to Demarcation Regulations, we do not refuse membership on the basis of any means of discrimination.

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